Where & When Should Deep Tissue Massage Be Done?

Because deep tissue massage usually involves oil, it is typically performed in a private environment such as a clinic, spa, gymnasium, or a client’s home

Applying this kind of massage requires focus and concentration, so the therapist must feel comfortable in the massage settingClients should have enough time and opportunity to become fully relaxed during the procedureAlso, massage might induce a state of deep relaxation, so there should be time and space for the client to adjust following treatment.

Some therapists suggest that, following a treatment, deep tissue massage clients avoid driving, operating machinery, or engaging in tasks that require considerable coordinationThus, although the dry techniques of compression can certainly be incorporated into a seated chair routine and used to treat clients at their place of work, this kind of massage is not appropriate in all workplaces

When techniques are incorporated into chair massage, the massage routine tends to be of much shorter duration than a Swedish massage, and the therapist does not try to induce deep relaxationMany therapists who provide chair massage complete their treatments with a few minutes of upbeat tapotement to stimulate the client before he or she returns to work

If this is the case, using deep tissue techniques in a chair routine is fineAs mentioned earlier in the chapter, deep tissue techniques are often used by sports massage therapistsWhen used by sports masseurs, the techniques are likely reserved for addressing concerns such as a reduction in joint mobility following an injury or as part of a maintenance massage between events

The techniques are unlikely to be used before an athletic activity because the stretching of muscles has been shown to reduce
muscle powerAfter an athletic event, general massage rather than deep tissue is used because the therapist wants to assess if any trauma to tissues has occurred during the eventAn exception might be when deep tissue techniques are used to treat cramping.

Now that you have an understanding of what deep tissue massage involves, its effects and benefits, and where and when it may be used, you are ready to get started with using the techniques

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