8 Pro Tips for Working Safely With Deep Tissue Massage

When you learn deep tissue massage, you need to focus on the working safety of you and your customerEspecially clients who are new to deep tissue massage afraid of pain and most of the time they may think is deep tissue massage safe? what are the benefits of deep tissue massage?

While educating your clients you should follow these steps to give them the best session they ever had and that would turn first comers to regular clients.

is deep tissue massage safe

1) Always follow general guidelines for the application of massage with relation to total and local contraindicationsFollow the additional instructions for deep tissue massage.

2) Always warm the tissue first, just as you would with Swedish massage.

3) Apply pressure and strokes slowly; reduce pressure gradually.

4) Stop if the client reports pain.

5) Avoid any techniques that you find uncomfortable to apply.

6) Avoid techniques that compromise your posture, even if they do not immediately feel uncomfortable to apply.

7) Document any unusual responses from your client following treatment, such as bruising or feeling lightheaded.

8) Always get feedback, especially when using deep tissue massage on clients who have not received it before.

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