Introduction to Deep Tissue Massage

What is Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep Tissue Massage may be one of the oldest therapies still used todayAt present more therapists than ever before are practicing an ever-expanding range of massage techniquesMany of these techniques are taught through massage schools and within degree courses

Our need now is to provide the best clinical and educational resources that will enable massage therapists to learn the required techniques for delivering deep tissue massage therapy to clients

This Guide provides specific tools of assessment and treatment that falls well within the realm of massage therapists but may also be useful for other bodyworkers, such as osteopaths and fitness instructorsWe are going to give you a step-by-step guide to delivering the techniques to clients

Each guide features photos illustrating every procedureTips provide handy advice to help you adjust your technique, and the Tip boxes contain examples of how the techniques can be used with clients who have particular problems

deep tissue massage

Throughout each guide are questions that enable you to test your knowledge and skill, which will be particularly helpful if you are attempting to pass a qualification examWe’ve even provided the answers too!

You might be a course tutor looking for ways to make deep tissue massage therapy come alive with your studentsThis guide provides easy-to-follow steps that will make the transition from theory to practice is seems to be effortlessThis will be an essential resource for all those who are serious about deep tissue massage therapy.

Many clients enjoy the sensation of deep tissue massage, and when asked for their preferences beforehand, these clients request ‘firm’ or ‘deep’ pressureYet some therapists shy away from incorporating this form of deep tissue massage into their treatments, believing it to require the application of force greater than that of which they can deliverTherapists also may be anxious about how to apply pressure safely

This guide was written for those of you searching for ways to increase the depth of pressure you use in a manner that is both safe and effective for yourself and your clientsHere you will find simple explanations of how to use compressive and stretching techniques while applying them in ways that facilitate additional leverage to tissues

deep tissue massage

By following the guidelines provided, along with a little practice, this will help you to deliver deep tissue massage in such a way that your clients perceive a comfortable and considerable increase in the pressure they receive from your treatments.

You will also find this useful if you are an experienced therapist looking for
techniques to avoid overuse of your handsIdeas are presented for the use of forearms, fists and elbowsOr perhaps you are already skilled in the use of deep tissue massage and are looking to add variety to your existing treatments

deep tissue massage

If you are a teacher of deep tissue massage, you may find ideas and alternatives to stimulate debate within the classroomWhatever your aims, in this guide you will find plentiful images, tips, and tricks to inform and inspire.

Part I

Introduces deep tissue massage, its effects, and benefitsThis part also covers important safety issues and provides clear guidelines for the correct use of your own body and for the use of massage tools

Part II

Describes two main methods for applying deep tissue massage

Part III

These parts are organized by body partIt contains deep tissue
massage techniques for the muscles of the trunk while the next part covers the lower limbsLast, this part covers the upper limbsYou will find techniques for the application of deep tissue massage provided for prone, supine, and three-quarter lying positions.

Part IV

Concentrates on deep tissue massage routinesUse this part of the
guide to help you practice using the techniques in one particular position before moving on to the next position

Whether you are a newly qualified therapist or a therapist with many years of experience, I encourage you to experiment with this material by giving and receiving the techniques described here.

Deep Tissue Massage

Discover those techniques and treatment positions that appeal to you and discard those which you find less helpfulWith practice, you will find many of these techniques easy to apply and will quickly be able to include them
as part of your routine

As always, it is my intention to help disseminate information regarding the practice of massagePlease share these techniques with other therapists and as always, feel free to get in touch with me with your comments and suggestions regarding the material presented.

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