Ordinary & Modern Deep Tissue Massage Equipment

Use of Ordinary Massage Equipment

The massage equipment used in deep tissue massage is much the same as for regular massage: a treatment couch, oil, and towelsOther useful items are very small towels or facecloths, a bath sponge, and tools if you choose to use them

Treatment couch

One of the first things you can do to facilitate deep tissue massage is to lower your treatment couch by 2 inches (5 cm)This gives you much better leverage to access the client’s body, enabling you to use your body weight to lean onto the client rather than having to hunch your shoulders or go up on your toes to get over and onto the muscles


massage oil

Many of the compressive techniques and some of the stretching techniques, described in this book do not require oilWhen oil, wax, balm, or cream is used you will find that you get a better grip on tissues when you apply less of itFollowing the application of compressive techniques, it is necessary to effleurage and perhaps petrissage to soothe the area, in which case you need to reapply more oil

Small Towels or a Facecloth

It is useful to apply compressive techniques through a small towel or a facecloth because this gives a considerably better grip to underlying tissues, especially when oil has previously been applied

A small towel or facecloth can also be folded and used to disperse pressure during compressive techniquesThis is especially useful when working close to bony areas as a beginner you are learning deep tissue massage.

Bath sponges

Like small towels, sponges are also useful to press through and disperse the pressure of compressive techniques


Many great massage tools are available to buy online, but you do not need to buy expensive tools and can, in fact, improvise, using other objectsAsk two questions when selecting an object to be used as a massage tool: Can it be used safely? and Can it be used effectively?

The answer to both questions needs to be ‘yes’ before you select that object

Use of Modern Massage Equipment

When it comes to Modern Massage Equipment, Massage Tables gets the first place without a doubtThere are a lot of award-winning companies that make perfect massage tables and accessories to give comfort and gorgeous looks with higher durabilityMost of the Massage tables are made of the highest possible quality to give much more durability while keeping the appeal.

There are a lot of well-known brands produce electric massage beds which can adjust smoothlyNo matter even if it’s a therapeutic massage table with an adjustable backrest or Vichy shower table with a Digital thermal management system, there is a lot of merchandise that has been confirmed again and again to offer optimum care for those looking for health care, therapeutic massage or spa.

Apart from Massage tables, there are a lot of trendy products in stores nowadays like body heaters, handheld tools, massage chairs and many moreAll you have to do is a google search for relevant products.

When you are looking for Massage Equipment you will definitely find interest in massage chairsIf you are in need of a massage chair you will soon find out there are tons of various products availableSome of the major companies produce vast majority of massage chairs from budget buyers to luxury shoppers.

These two are the main massage equipment popular in the industry, Not only professional therapists but also domestic buyers are interested in some handheld wand-type personal massagers like dolphin massager and so on

As a domestic shopper who is living a busy lifestyle may find out it is easier to buy one of those personal massaging chairs or if you are on a tight budget may prefer a handheld personal massager.

The price range varies depending on the brand, material, technology usedYou can find most of those items onlineAmazon is one of the best online marketplaces to find a large range of massage equipmentMake sure to check the reviews & details before you buy.

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