Hospice Comfort Touch
In 2008 Steve helped develop the Caregivers Massage Program for Hospice of the North Shore and spent many hours at the Kaplan House, end of life care facility, in Danvers, MA as their massage therapist.

Comfort Touch is the soothing, accurate, light, sensitive touch applied to the head, neck, shoulders, arms, back and legs, providing stimulation to the mind and relaxing the body.

Seniors and patients that sit in wheelchairs, hospital beds, or chairs for long periods of time deal with a great amount of pain and stiffness. Comfort Touch relieves the acheiness and relaxes the patient, allowing them to feel a greater level of comfort.  

Comfort Touch offered to the immediate family is also a great service. Caregivers who give hours of care to loved ones are also in need of the benefits of Comfort Touch.

In the sensitive surroundings at the end of your loved one's life, Steve has the amazing ability to facilitate Comfort Touch to your loved one. He is committed to you and your family being a part of the experience allowing everyone to be able to understand that even though their loved one is at the end of his or her life they may still enjoy the warm soothing touch of their beloved. Please feel free to contact Steve to discuss the wonderful benefits of Comfort Touch.