I recently had the pleasure of having a session with Steve Baglioni, LMT of Massage Therapy Unlimited in Beverly, MA. Having recently broken several ribs, I was in constant pain and a veritable minefield of sensitive pressure points. In short, other than burned skin, it was probably one of the most challenging injuries you could present to a massage therapist.Choosing to get a session with Steve just 10 days after the injury was based on knowing his work in the Spa Tech Institute massage program several years before. He was very tuned in to the physical body from his own athletic background but also was a very natural healer.Massage Therapy Unlimited covers both on-site chair massage, event massage as well as having an office in Beverly. Steve’s office is in a lovely location that has a great energy and is very calm and comfortable. It’s easy to get to and has plenty of on street parking.Meeting with Steve before the session was a great start. He asked all the right questions and his confidence in what he could do was immediately calming and reassuring. Many therapists might be nervous or intimidated by working on a recent injury of this nature but that never was a detectable factor.First massages are always somewhat more challenging as the practitioner gets to know your body and pressure sensitivities. In this case it was a heightened threshold and it required a high level of awareness and technique.Steve did an excellent job of working to relax the armoring in my neck, shoulders and back and then very slowly, carefully and with strategic variations, working towards the injury. Over time a lot of the protective tension was dissolved and the muscles around the injury started to release their trauma. By the end of the session the pain was greatly reduced in the area of the injury and the surrounding muscles were much more relaxed and comfortable.The results of the work lasted for days and greatly accelerated my healing process. My mobility was improved and I was able to breathe more deeply and naturally. Even though driving was very difficult, even after returning home the benefits of the session quickly returned once I got out of the car.Based on this session I highly recommend Steve’s work for anyone who is in the greater Beverly area. His work is excellent and he always has wonderful, uplifting and positive energy. Whether you are dealing with stress, are athletic and are looking to improve your performance or are recovering from an injury, Steve should be at the top of your list to call and visit on a regular basis.
— Kris Stecker (President of Spa tech Institute)
I started sports massage with Steve at Massage Therapy Unlimited during the final 2 months of my marathon training in 2014. Steve came highly recommended to me by other athlete’s that were seeing results from their sessions with him. Steve made me feel comfortable from our first meeting, and was on point with his technique as he took the time to get an understanding of my training routines. He worked with me to help identify potential problem areas and then detailed what steps we would be taking to address them. Steve was very clear about the results that I should expect from sports massage, and helped clarify the difference between his work and a more traditional massage. I can tell you that as a frequenter of massages the differences were immediately clear to me. Steve was focused on obtaining long term results and not just feeling better after the session. He worked with me on alignment, posture, and stretching techniques that I could continue from home when I was off the table.

I started noticing results after my second session; I was getting through my long runs without the tightness that I had been experiencing in my lower back, and my recovery time was shortening. I worked with Steve right up until 1 day before the race, as well as 2 days after the race for a recovery session. In previous Marathons I had consistent problems with cramping towards the middle / end of the race. I voiced this concern to Steve and from the first session we began working specifically to break up the lactic acid build up in my quads, and calves, as well as applying some concentrated pressure to increase blood flow.

Well, my sessions with Steve paid off big time, and I ended up finishing the marathon with a personal best time by 17 minutes! Although I did experience some cramping towards the final miles, it was significantly less then previous races, and I was able to push through to still reach my goal. Without Steve’s work I know that the cramps would have brought me to a halt. For my next race, I will be working with Steve from the beginning of my training!
— Scott Freedson