When there has been injury or trauma, the body tends to immobilise the area to protect it from further movement and pain. When the holding pattern becomes habituated, muscles can remain chronically tense even after the initial cause of the pain has disappeared. Body alignment techniques are done gently on and off the body, to stimulate gentle, effective release of the holding pattern, thus allowing a person who has suffered with chronic pain over a prolonged period to get immediate relief.

Stephen has dedicated himself to providing Fully Clothed accurate pressured therapeutic sports massage to his valued clients and has been a part of the winning Harvard Men's Basketball team as one of their sports massage therapists since 2012. 

Stephen's commitment is in working with athletes, by assisting them with their muscle health, shortening the recovery time phase this allows for the athlete to perform more efficiently. Stephen also treats clients who simply want to have better muscle flexibility, tension relief, and the goal of less pain in their life.Providing the gift of comfort touch to Hospice patients and their caregivers during their most sensitive time in the end-of-life phase is also a very important service he provides.